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If I could create a perfect investment it would grow in value every year and still provide me with money to eat, go on vacation, whatever. I mean it's my money; I'd really like to use and enjoy it TODAY! High Dividend Stocks can do just that for you! If you buy smart, you can have an investment that grows over time AND gives you CASH that you could use to invest more or just enjoy life. That is what I will help you do, by finding the best High Dividend Stocks.

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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Dow 30 - 5 Highest Yielding Stocks

5 highest yielding stock of the Dow Jones Industrial Average

Prices are of the closing of 12/29/2006.

PFE Pfizer $25.90 4.40%
VZ Verizon Comm. $37.24 4.30%
T AT&T $35.75 4.00%
MO Altria Group Inc $85.82 4.00%
MRK Merck $43.60 3.50%